My Crochet Journey

I don’t think I ever knew what crocheting was. Knitting and macrame was the only craft I knew about which was worked with wool. I vaguely recall being a kid and seeing these lacy white decor pieces on my sofa and tables. I remember macrame because my mom had this huge plant hanger in a corner of the house and one in the front porch. (what I would do to have those right now *sighh*). Growing up I was always in awe of it because I knew that she made it herself but crochet was a foreign concept to me.

Fast forward maybe 18 years and I’m trying to find a new hairstyle (I’ve always had my hair in long layers, except for that one time when I decided to just chop it all off to just above my shoulders).

Anyway, I decided I wanted to dreadlock my hair so I researched all these methods on how to do it myself and the quickest way I found was crocheting knots into your hair so I went to the craft store and bought myself a crochet hook. Of course that was futile as I knew absolutely nothing about crocheting and just made knots that were easily untangled because my hair was really straight at that point in time. I finally found a loctician who was able to style my hair.

This was all happening in December 2015. At the same time, I’d recently joined Pinterest and while scrolling through my feed I discovered a bikini that I absolutely loved and lo and behold, I discovered crochet. I figured I had the hook, free time and an urge to make one of these suits for myself because the pricing was ridiculous, especially with shipping costs and whatnot, I decided I could learn to do this and that is exactly what I did.

Now it’s January 2017 and I have discovered so much crochet, made so many beautiful pieces (which I have been told are as amazing as I am -hmmmm).  I decided I want to start sharing them because it’s actually really difficult to find patterns online, especially for thread designs. (I crochet with thread more than wool because that’s what my local craft store attendants provided when I asked for crochet cotton. not what I actually wanted, but turns out that’s what I needed). Since then I have attempted to crochet with wool but being in a hot climate, as well as for the pieces I create, well, thread is more suitable.

I know this is a long post and somewhat boring, but if you made it this far, thank you for reading. 🙂



4 thoughts on “My Crochet Journey

    • Kelley says:

      I’ve thought about learning to knit. The stitches are beautiful. I have a knitted sweater and I love it. I know 1 macrame knot. The 1 commonly used for friendship bracelets. I really want to learn more. I think these types of crafts are so calming and relaxing. Especially when you master the stitch, then you could just relax and maybe listen to some music or catch up on tv shows or something. It’s a good way to unwind. Plus you create something unique to you. I mean if we both were to use the same pattern, I think we would end up with different projects. Does that make sense?

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