Reminder: We Control Our Reactions.

My boyfriend once told me that the “enemy” would try to disguise itself as good when in reality, it’s everything that isn’t good. Now I’m not a religious person (I believe religion is a man-made thing that causes segregation) but I like to think I’m spiritual. Sometimes I get these feelings or have dreams or come across a quote or picture that would cause me to overthink a situation. I’d wonder if this is a sign or hint. Perhaps I would have an inkling or random idea, and coincidentally come across something which would unravel a series of unhealthy thoughts, or maybe I would be in the best mood and something relatively simple would trigger an abundance of low emotions.

For instance, for the past few weeks, I haven’t had any type of grief so I have to say, I have been particularly content (All praises to the Most High). However, last night, I had a dream which caused  me to experience anger, jealousy and depression within that dream. When I have those types of dreams, I usually wake up feeling sad or enraged. Today I am happy to say, I woke up as calm as ever. I don’t actually know why, maybe it’s growth, or maybe I was being tested (I passed). Whatever it is, in the future, I hope I am able to respond to any situation in this way.

“Self Sabotage is Difficult to Recognize”

I came across this quote this morning and what I take from it is that we are the ones who create drama for ourselves without realizing. Overthinking is honestly one of the worse things for which we can use our minds. It’s an abundance of unnecessary stress created (by us) just to make us fall. Like I mentioned in my last post, The Power of Positive Thinking, we have the ability to change the way we think.  Sometimes we don’t even recognize how much we are hurting ourselves.

I am responsible for my happiness.

I am responsible for my sadness.

I am responsible for my anger.

I am responsible for my emotions.

I guess to some extent, a second party may play a role, but how we chose to react, is entirely up to us.

I believe that throughout my life, my strongest drive was (and still is) love. If I were to get upset or angry, those feelings wouldn’t last very long. I remember when I was about 10 years old, my teacher had us do a mock examination giving the ruling “no talking” and I told my “best friend” we could write notes if there were to be no talking. (I thought that was funny.. actually I still think it’s a bit funny). Anyway, I don’t know what was on her mind, but she wrote a note to another student saying I wanted to share answers. (There was always a contest between the top 5 girls in class, my best friend and I were part of that top 5, and the other 3 were in a clique. Maybe she wanted to be part of that clique). Of course the note she wrote got passed to the other girls who proceeded to tell the teacher, who then embarrassed me in front the entire class, and moved me to the front of the classroom, next to her desk. This was the morning period. By lunch time, I’d forgiven her. (Maybe because she was my only friend?) Looking back at other situations however, I’m actually a very forgiving person. 

Okay, seems I may have digressed a bit there, back to my point. As an able person, we are in total control of ourselves. We create what is around us; we create the vibes we feel, so if faced with a situation where you would respond with anger or sadness or jealousy, remember that you control your reaction. Think about what these emotions take from you and try to remember that if in a few years, you could laugh about it, it’s not worth the stress, and if you think you would be upset still, then take the necessary action and remove yourself from that situation, no matter what it may be. It’s your life, so live the happiest one you could. 

Have a great day 🙂




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