Sea Mist Bikini Top

Crochet bikini top. Free pattern. 

3.25 crochet hook – Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread. 
2.5 or 3mm for DMC Petra Crochet Cotton. (2 colors of your choice) 
A small is usually 7 rounds, medium is 8-9 and a large is 10-11 
This pattern is for a medium of 9 rounds so based on the pattern, you adjust to suit.
1st color 
chain 19 
R1: DC in 5th chain from hook, 3DC in last chain (18DC) chain 1 3DC in the 1st chain (other side) DC along. (18DC, chain 1, 18DC)  
R2-6: chain 3, DC along, 2 DC in chain 1 space from previous round, chain 1, 2 DC in chain 1 space, DC along to end of row. (R2: 20DC, chain 1, 20 DC) (R6: 28DC, chain 1, 28DC) 
(For a small, do 4 rows and for a large do 7-8 rows) 
2nd color 
R7: chain 4, DC in 1stDC from previous round, skip 2, *DC chain 1 DC skip 2* repeat ** 8 times. You should finish at the last DC of the row (i.e. The chain 1 is the next stitch). Chain 1, DC chain 1 DC skip 2 til the end of the row. (On either side of the chain 1, there should be 10 ‘V’s) 
 1st color 
R8: chain 3, DC into each stitch (chain 3 counts as 1st DC, DC in chain space, DC- you should have 32 DC) 2DC in chain 1 space, chain 1, 2 DC, DC in each stitch (from the ‘V’). (32DC, chain 1, 32 DC) 
2nd color 
R9: chain 4, DC in 1stDC from previous round, skip 2, *DC chain 1 DC skip 2* repeat ** 9 times. (There will be 1 DC and then the chain 1 space from the previous round). Skip the DC and DC1 chain 1, DC1  in the chain 1 space. Skip 1 DC and DC, chain 1, DC, skip 2 to the end of the row. (11’V’ 1DC chain1 1DC 11 ‘V’) 
1st color 
R10: SC all sides of the top. (For the bottom of the cup, I usually do 2 stitches into the sideways DC) 
 2nd color 
R11: attach thread, chain 4, slip stitch into 1 SC (picot made) slip stitch 4 times, chain 4 slip stitch into the same SC. Continue until you reach the chain 1 space. Chain 100 (or however long you want), HDC into the 4the chain from the hook, HDC along the chain back to chain 1 space, slip stitch. Mirror picot stitch pattern. Picot stitch pattern all the way to the start of the design.  
Weave in ends 
Repeat for other cup.  
Chain 300 or however long and HDC along to create the tie. Run it through the chain 3 spaces.  


ALL patterns are copyright© protected and cannot be copied, duplicated or reproduced in any way, however, you are permitted to sell any item made from the pattern, on a small scale, as long as “OCEANSORIGINALS” is credited. If pattern is to be used for large-scale commercial, purposes, you are to get approval by me, “OCEANSORIGINALS” and give credit where it is due.
Text and images Copyright© 2017 by OceansOriginals, all rights reserved.

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