The Best Revenge is Forgiveness

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. What does that mean? Don’t we need other ingredients too? I make my juices with sugar, essences and angostura bitters, so how can I make lemonade from lemons only? The lemons to lemonade basically mean make the best of the situation so maybe those extra ingredients represent willingness to get out of a slump, self-love and desire for happiness?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling low, I’ve been overthinking, I’ve been having bad vibes thrown at me, I’ve been moving from past to present to future in my mind. I’m able to deal, but these incidents affect my positivity and my motivation. For brief moments I felt like giving up until I realized that the sun will rise tomorrow, with or without me.

Feeling sorry for yourself will not lead to a positive result. Changing your mindset will lead to that. Falling 999, and standing 1000, will create the change you want to see in life. It’s like when a child is leaning to stand or walk, they would constantly fall but they never stop trying. The only person who can control your attitude towards dealing with everything life throws at you, is you. You will make that difference. The world isn’t waiting for you to feel better, no one is waiting for you to feel better. Time goes by no matter how miserable you are so why waste that time? Life is the longest thing we do, yet life is so short. Make it count. 

I think I read somewhere that the best revenge is forgiveness. If someone brings you down, forgive them and move on. Dwelling on something you can’t change takes away from your happiness.

“Vexation of spirit is a waste of time,

Negative thinking, don’t you waste the thought,

Verbal conflict is a waste of words,

Physical conflict is a waste of flesh,

People will always be who they want and that’s what really makes the world go round”

– Damian Marley

Stop trying to change people. Change yourself. Do it for you. Be good. Think good. Be happy. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone. Prove it to yourself. 



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