Boho wall hanging

Wall hanging. Free crochet pattern
For this pattern I used a size 6.5mm hook I also used size 3 crochet thread because that’s what I use in most of my projects.

You can use Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread size 3

or DMC Petra Cotton Size 3

Or any other size 3 thread.

I crocheted with 3 threads, purple, blue and green

Create a magic circle

R1: chain 3, 15DC (16DC)

R2: Chain 5, *TR, chain 1*. Repeat ** 14 times (16TR separated by chain 1s)

R3: Chain1, 3SC in chain 1 space, 1SC in TR. Repeat til the end of the round. 

R4: Chain1, skip 3SC, 5DC in next stitch, skip 3, SCin next stitch. Continue til there are 8 groups of 5DC.

(you can change color grouping here to make the circular part stand out)

R5: Chain 5, slip stitch in SC from previous round. Repeat til end of round.

R6: Chain 3, then *chain 5, SC in the centre of 5DC grouping, chain5, 1DC, chain 1, 1 DC chain 2^, 1 DC, chain 1, 1DC*, repeat 2 times.  Chain 5, SC in the centre of 5DC grouping, chain5, 1DC, chain 1, 1 DC chain 2, 1 DC, chain.

Fasten off.

Reattach threads/yarn to chain 2 space from R6^. SC along. (I crocheted a flat craft/popsicle stick into the piece here so firm it up a bit). chain 33 (or desired length), slip stitch to beginning of SC. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Add beads/tassels.


ALL patterns are copyright© protected and cannot be copied, duplicated or reproduced in any way, however, you are permitted to sell any item made from the pattern, on a small scale, as long as “OCEANSORIGINALS” is credited. If pattern is to be used for large-scale commercial, purposes, you are to get approval by me, “OCEANSORIGINALS” and give credit where it is due.
Text and images Copyright© 2017 by OceansOriginals, all rights reserved.

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