Cadence- A Granny Square Crop Top

Cadence- Peacock Granny Square Crop Top. Free Crochet Pattern. OceansOriginals
Hi my fellow crocheters. So today, I have a pattern for a beautiful granny square crop top. It can be worn as a festival top, a beachy top, a regular crochet top (maybe with a cute sweater?). It’s beautiful I think. It’s also the first real granny square I’ve ever done (after learning the correct way to do granny squares). I know I did a wall hanging post before, but that was just by sight rather than correct stitch count. (I may have to review that). Anyway, let’s get into the pattern. 
I used a size 3 thread in 5 different colors : white, purple, blue, green and pink. (Peacock colors I guess- but I think different shades of blue would give this a real beachy vibe. Whatever you choose to do, the possibilities are endless)

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Mini Chakra Dreamcatchers

Free chakra inspired dreamcatcher crochet pattern. OceansOriginals

Chakras are thought to be the center of spiritual energy within the human body. There are seven associated with different powers. I am not going to dive into a full explanation but as time has come to pass, I have realized that I am indeed spiritual and most of my charades are relatively aligned and I say that because I have experienced certain phenomena, (for lack of a less drastic word) and so, I have come to believe, however, I still have the space to improve my connections.

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2017 Liebster Award Nomination


My 1st nomination. (Yayy) My blog has been nominated for a Liebster award by Katie from Creating TimeThank you so much Katie. 🙂
Katie, has a cute blog with cute designs that I love. She is a crochet designer and crafter. I encourage any one reading this to follow her blog.
She also posts about other crochet artists, (which I think is absolutely inspiring as each crafter is uniquely special and deserve recognition) and her general musings.
The nomination calls for 10 facts about me, so…
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