Mini Chakra Dreamcatchers

Free chakra inspired dreamcatcher crochet pattern. OceansOriginals

Chakras are thought to be the center of spiritual energy within the human body. There are seven associated with different powers. I am not going to dive into a full explanation but as time has come to pass, I have realized that I am indeed spiritual and most of my charades are relatively aligned and I say that because I have experienced certain phenomena, (for lack of a less drastic word) and so, I have come to believe, however, I still have the space to improve my connections.

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Pacific Wall Decor


OceansOriginals. Free crochet pattern. Wall hanging.
I used a 3mm hook for the smaller piece and a 6.5mm for the larger 1 however I recommend using a smaller hook. I also used 2 colors in a size 3 thread.
PS. Use stitch markers in ~R4: in the chain 1 spaces~ so attaching the 2 pieces together would be more accurate, (unlike my wonky hanging :D) Continue reading

Boho wall hanging

Wall hanging. Free crochet pattern
For this pattern I used a size 6.5mm hook I also used size 3 crochet thread because that’s what I use in most of my projects.
You can use Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread size 3
or DMC Petra Cotton Size 3
Or any other size 3 thread.
I crocheted with 3 threads, purple, blue and green

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