2017 Liebster Award Nomination


My 1st nomination. (Yayy) My blog has been nominated for a Liebster award by Katie from Creating TimeThank you so much Katie. 🙂
Katie, has a cute blog with cute designs that I love. She is a crochet designer and crafter. I encourage any one reading this to follow her blog.
She also posts about other crochet artists, (which I think is absolutely inspiring as each crafter is uniquely special and deserve recognition) and her general musings.
The nomination calls for 10 facts about me, so…
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Pattern Testers

Crochet testers for bikini/crop tops wanted. Compensated with pattern as well as a pattern from future designs


Hi everyone, I’m looking for testers for crochet crop tops/ bikini top patterns. If anyone is interested, send me a message You will receive the pattern in your size as well as a free pattern…

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Take Action

Action equals a full life. 

Expressing who you are instead of not acting upon yourself, i.e. Spending your days watching tv or sitting at a meaningless job denies your life.  It’s because of fear in expressing what you really are. When you express yourself you are taking action. All those dreams and ideas floating around in your head can only become something with effort, if you act upon it. 

When you take that first step, your dreams will manifest into reality and there will be a result and that’s the way to a reward. 

And it doesn’t matter what the idea is, as long as you do your best and enjoy what you are doing. 





Am I Living or just Alive

Life is but an illusion. All the concepts of society programmed into our minds. We are domesticated in the way we are told to live and dream and so, can’t really truly be ourselves. We’re so scared to break the norm and just be who we really want to be. We don’t want to risk being passionate because we don’t want to go against societies rules. Growing up we are taught that following the rules of home and school will result in rewards and breaking the rules, will lead to punishments so as adults we are programmed to believe that.

Children are different. They do as they please. And they are happy. I understand that as adults we have responsibilities but life should be seen as a gift, something to enjoy.

We are surrounded by an artificial world, from technology to concrete jungles. We need to remember to live rather than just be alive. Take moments out of your day or week and go to a park or a beach, climb a hill. Do something, anything nature related. We are all amazing people on a beautiful rock in an amazing universe. Appreciate everything we have, as simple as a tree or as mysterious as the ocean. Give thanks for it, show your gratitude. We are only here for a little while as the people we are right now, lets show that we are grateful for this life.

Remember, “it’s better to die living than to live like you are already dead.”